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Dog Day Camp & Boarding

Day Camp


Overnight Guests:

Each guest has their own kennel in which they will retreat to at the end of the day that is fit for their size.  They can sleep on their own bedding or we can provide it for them.  

Each day begins with a wake-up call at 6 am in which they are taken outside for a morning stretch and to take care of their duties.  After breakfast they will be let loose to play in our indoor play room with other friendly dogs.  They will get a mid afternoon trip outside.  After an afternoon of more play they will be served dinner and taken outside once again.  After all the day campers have gone home for the day they will get some much needed rest and relaxation.  After one last trip outside they will crawl into their cozy, warm bed where a treat will be waiting for them on their pillow.  They will be lulled to sleep with dimmed lights and soft music.

What to Bring (and Not Bring):


Be sure to bring  more than enough food for the entire stay.  We recommend they stay on their regular food because some dogs do not respond well to a sudden change in their regular diet.  However, we can provide an all natural food for a small fee.

Along with food bring feeding instructions.


All natural treats are provided, but if your dog has allergies or you prefer to provide their own variety, please feel free to bring them.


Bedding may include a bed, blanket, crate or anything your dog is used to sleeping on that makes them feel comfortable at home. If you prefer bedding can be provided for them.

Toys & Chews:

ONLY bring toys and chews that are safe for your dog to enjoy unsupervised.  Nylabones & Kongs are excellent choices.

Absolutely NO rawhides, real meat bones, tennis balls or greenies allowed.

Supplements & Medications:

PLEASE make sure to bring all medications and supplements and label them clearly with your dog's name, instructions, the exact dates and doses, and when they are to be administered (daily, morning, evening, etc.).

Also, indicate how your dog's medications and/or supplements are to be administered (directly with food or with a delivery agent such as peanut butter or pill pockets) and please provide the delivery agent.


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